Company Introduction

Green Telligence Development Company Limited is a Hong Kong based trading company.  We have been distributing high quality consumer products to Hong Kong market since 2009.  Through years’ efforts, we established wide distribution networks in different channels e.g. department stores, wholesalers, specialty chain stores, electrical shops etc.

We are pleased to announce that we already signed the sole distribution agreement with German famous knife brand “RSG”.  The sole distribution agreement covered Hong Kong, Asia and Oceania markets e.g. China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.  We have been providing full range of quality services including sales and marketing, distribution, promotion, logistic, after sales service etc. to our customers.


綠智發展有限公司是一家香港貿易公司。自2009年起公司主要是分銷高質的消費產品到香港市場。通過多年努力,我們已建立起寬闊的分銷綱絡例如: 百貨公司,批發商,專門連銷店,電器店等。

我們很高興宣報我們已與德國1家著名的刀具製造商”RSG” 簽定香港及亞太區獨家代理權。獨家代理市場包括 中國,香港,澳門,日本,馬來西亞,星加波,南韓,臺灣,澳州及紐西蘭。我們一直提供全面優質服務包括一切銷售,分銷,推廣,物流,售後服務等給我們顧客。